Project Description

Myedas Gold

A unique brand looking to sell a premium service dipped in gold.

Myedas Gold offer a service that is very unique and specific. It needed to have the right branding and thoughtful design to ensure it could gain attention. In its market, it doesn’t really have much competition but that didn’t stop them from being No.1 right from the start. They had the right mindset and marketing plan to ensure they remain at the top.

Client: Myedas Gold  Website:  Services: Branding, Packaging, Website

Myedas Gold Cover Page

A Gold Mine

With an ambitious marketing plan, Myedas Gold needed a impacting visual identity that would work digital platforms. We sat down with their team, discussed ideas and came up with a brand plan based on the information that was exchanged.

Myedas Gold Logo Development

Web Presence Like Gold Dust

In line with their new brand, we developed a beautiful website for Myedas Gold. This showcased their unique service. Gold & black was the colour scheme we worked with as the service they provided was the same. The website makes use of responsive design techniques. As a result, it ensures an optimal viewing experience no matter what device the website is viewed on.

Myedas Gold Website Mockup
Launch Myedas Gold Website

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