A fragrance brand for luxury products selling online and on the high-street.

NUHR is a brand that sells luxury home and body fragrance products. The concept of the brand began from the initial meeting with the client about what they wanted from this venture. Who their target audience was and what goals they had set for themselves. They had the passion and motivation that we look for in clients so it was clearly the perfect project for us. As you see from the results, we developed a brand identity that speaks luxury, high-end and premium.

Client: NUHR
Services: Branding, eCommerce, Packaging, Print, Photography

Minimalistic Approach

By following the current interior design trends, we were able to ensure the branding and the products themselves were aesthetically pleasing. Luxury pricing meant luxury print stock. Which is why we recommended NUHR Home to opt for gold foiling to add the extra touch of premium to their brands products. Brand colours were limited to keep things simpler. A pattern was designed to be used for packaging. The premium-feel came from the brand as a whole and the values they believe in.


Photography was a major part of the brand identity. Without high quality studio shot imagery, the brand would not feel complete. Product shots were taken for lifestyle images to be used on social media and their website and single products were taken for the ecommerce store. All brands should put photography high on their list of needs.


eCommerce Store

Following on from the brand identity, we developed a plan and structure for the NUHR Home website. By creating a visual framework of the layout, type & grids, we were visually able to let the client see the skin of their website before development stage. As always, by following the brand guidelines, you are able to keep the consistency which allows the brands message and style to stick.