Project Description

Treats Locker

A fun-loving brand for homemade goodies in a box.

Treat Lockers is a passion project of two friends who love to bake and gift sweet treats. We were approached to make the brand mirror their personality and create a fun feel-good identity that would give off the unique handmade vibe for each box of goodies. The brand colours and typefaces were carefully selected to ensure the brand does not look too corporate. From printed tags to the way the products were photographed, we made sure the brand would exceed.

Client: Treats Locker  Website:  Services: Branding, Packaging, Website, Photography

Treats Locker Lifestyle Image

Short & Sweet

It didn’t take us long to understand the brief and what the concept behind the brand was. We knew what the vision Treats Lockers had and just had to have fun being creative! This brand shouted pastel colours, popping photography & sweet taste. By using a softer pastel colour palette it would paint a picture in the customers mind and visually they are able to taste the products with their eyes.

Treats Locker Tag Mockup

Like a Child In a Sweetshop

Designing for Treats Locker wasn’t difficult, it was just fun! The brand message spoke volumes through its photography that would be shared through social media. It had the handmade styling with studio photography lighting. The best of both worlds. Being transparent as a business ensures your customer knows what they are getting before they make the purchase. This happens when they connect with the brand message and story first. Then the visual branding elements enhance this experience for the customer.

Tasty Looking Design

The website also needed to evoke the same feeling and look just as tasty so putting the photography at the forefront of the site ensured it attracted the customers. With large product photography and a clean colour palette, there was no need to convince customers to purchase the product. This was because the brand values were being felt as they navigated the website. Treats Locker were just as happy with the final identity as we were. We were even gifted with a free box of goodies to enjoy at the office!

Treats Locker Website Mockup
Launch Treats Locker Website

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