First impressions are everything!

Consumers take on average around 5-7 seconds to make a purchase decision, with 66% of customers saying that they have tried a new product based solely on packaging alone. We can help you make those seconds count.

Packaging is often the first interaction a customer will have with your brand so it is vital that it represents your identity clearly. Quality is equally as important as the design as it tells customers about your brand’s values. It must protect, attract, inform and differentiate you from the competition.

Clever packaging can be the difference between a sale and no sale and there’s a lot to consider.

Here’s what we at Waterside can do to help you create packaging to be proud of:

  • We’ll help you define a colour palette that speaks to your brand that can be built upon and developed for further products in the future.
  • We can help advise you on the standard of packaging for your product and what options are available.
  • We’ll help you stand out. We’ll focus on what is unique about you and your brand and develop a design that screams you.
  • We’ll create a design that ticks all boxes of essential criteria, just with a bit of creative flare.

Think you’re ready to take the leap?

Call, email or fill in our easy project planner to start your journey today and let’s discuss how we can help you maximise your businesses potential.