Project Description

Abu Hanifah Foundation

An online presence for an established local Education Organisation.

We were approached by Abu Hanifah Foundation to design an identity that would represent their core values and capture the spirit of their organisation into a visual form. We created a brand identity that would be expandable down the line when new sectors are introduced. All brand collateral follows the guideline usage of the colours, type & layout.

Client: Abu Hanifah Foundation  Website:   Services: Branding, Website, Content Creation, Print

Abu Hanifah Foundation Logo Mockup


Under the umbrella brand which is Abu Hanifah Foundation, are three sub-brands that have the same brand values and purpose as its main identity. We designed the logomarks for each of these sectors. They followed the same guidelines so they can be recognised as one. As a result, AHF has become a household name in the town of Blackburn as it has been successful in the last few years. Mainly gaining traction across all its areas especially the main institution and the football academy.

Little Discoverers Logo
AHF Scouts Logo
Abu Hanifah Foundation Poster Mockup

Content Creation

Majority of the design work carried out for Abu Hanifah Foundation involves creating posters and social media content. It would promote events and services it offers to the community. They need to be visually pleasing and also legible enough for people of all ages to understand the content. Knowing the target audience for each event allows us to to tailor the work directly for that age range. Yet, we ensure we follow the branding and keep a structure across all the work.

Abu Hanifah Foundation Website Mockup
Launch Abu Hanifah Foundation Website

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