World Health Day is celebrated each year on the 7th of April to highlight the importance of physical and mental wellbeing. Every year the World Health Organisation (WHO) decides on a theme in response to current issues relating to the health and welfare of the people. This year’s theme focuses on building a fairer, healthier world together.

The World Health Organisation follows the constitutional principle that ‘the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.’ I think we can all agree that this is not something any of us have been able to celebrate this past year.

Yet in this year where we’ve all had to stay 6 feet apart, the world has never been more united. We’re all together in this fight against COVID-19. We must all do what we can to prioritise our health and well being and ensure equal access to health services in our local communities and the global community.

This World Health Day will stand out amongst many as the year nations came together to fight the pandemic. Health has been the primary issue across all media for the past 14 months and it couldn’t be a more crucial time to discuss the importance of our health care and what we as individuals can do to assist this to help build a fairer and healthier world.

COVID-19 created a global community and sense of unity that has never been seen before. Millions of people have been doing their bit to keep their countries safe during this pandemic and we must continue with these efforts and go by the rule ‘nobody is safe, until everybody is safe.

It is extremely important that we not only pay attention to physical health, but mental health too. Millions of people are still shielding in their houses and many are alone. Coping with social isolation is an issue many of us have had to face over the past year and loneliness can significantly affect a person’s health and well being.

Getting tested or vaccinated is not just for ourselves but for those who want to feel safe enough to leave their houses and get back into the community. Regular testing and vaccinations can save lives and reunite our country.

We had the pleasure of developing a website for 4 Medical Solutions who offer a Government approved COVID-19 testing service that provides peace of mind for your international travels. It is now easier than ever to follow the rules, get tested, and save lives.

‘There is an urgent need to protect, test, and treat the whole global population: only when this happens can we end the pandemic.’- WHO

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