Do you always wonder how you could grow your brand better and give it a much more professional outlook on social media? You feel your current brand images don’t represent your brand in a better light? What you need is to focus your next step on product photography or brand photography in general.

Keep reading as we share our thoughts.

Brand Photography is taking what you discovered in your branding process and reflecting it into the photos of your products or services. If you are a florist, it will most likely include photographs of you arranging, working, and also photographs of your beautiful flowers out in the world or in your own studio. A more obvious representation would be if you sell products. Maybe you are a homemade treats brand like Treats Locker. Your brand photography would be showcasing the delicious treats you make through styled and well lit settings. Producing lifestyle images and promo shots for your website and social media. You want your brand to represent you. Stock images don’t do justice in representing your brand personality. Keeping your images to the brand guidelines is also essential.

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How do you get your brand style?

Your Brand Photography style should evolve from the brand adjectives you discovered during the initial discovery phase. Some examples of these might be: romantic, ethereal, expensive (or) boho, organic, approachable.

Use these adjectives to brainstorm and research your photography style. Should all things be very crystal clear in your photos? Should you have a very soft blur to most of the objects around the main attraction? The colouring of your photos is another important piece of the puzzle. Soft pinks, or stark oranges, neutrals and so forth, can cause an emotional response from your viewers.

Go out and collect examples of photos that would go well with your style. Make a mood board digitally or in the real world. Keep them there for a source of inspiration and a reminder.

Examples of Brand Photography

Examples always help! So now that you understand the importance and process of Brand Photography, it’s time for you to focus on your own. Head over to Pinterest or some of your favourite brands and collect photos that inspire you for your own business. Create a mood board and take note of the things in each photo that you like. Is it the foiling details? The simple colour palette? Or the way they arrange their products? Write all these notes down and pin them next to your pictures. Use this as your source as you photograph your own work, or work with a photographer.

Can we at Waterside do product photography?

Yes! We offer product photography where we create the perfect setting in our studio that compliments your brand, and photograph your products in a meaningful and beautiful way, editing them and delivering them digitally to you after. If you don’t need photos of products, we can help you find and select the perfect curated collection of stock images.

If you are ready to take the leap, the next step is for us to discuss all the little bits and bats over a coffee in our studio office. Let’s talk about how much you will need to invest in our service, estimated project completion, and most importantly, when you can start sharing your new brand photography!

Ready to make a change?

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