Giving back to my community…and inspiring the next generation!

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Giving back to my community…and inspiring the next generation!

So, we’re getting settled in to the new office and have had some visitors this week…new clients, friends/family (all socially distanced…hate that we have to explain this all the time) even a work placement student!

This is something I’ve always wanted to do and something I have been doing for the last couple of years, offering work placement students a place to come and learn on the job. I have always felt like on the job training was something I wasn’t able to do simply because of where I live. It’s a small town in Lancashire, to get some on the job training from a decent design studio, I had to travel to Manchester which wasn’t easy.

For the last two years, I have been working in partnership with Blackburn College to allow their students to come and learn from experienced Designers in the field. It has been a pleasure to host these students and gives me a sense of giving back to the very college where I studied all them years ago. We also had Lucy join us on an internship from Loughborough University, Lucy Watson had an excellent attitude and was extremely committed (she travelled from Skipton every week) and her illustrations were amazing…she is talented!

Isn’t it just amazing how great you feel after helping someone out, even it is in the smallest way possible? I also noticed that I felt more creative and more confident. Basically, I felt fulifilled, even though I have done nothing, but it meant something to someone and for that, it meant something to me.

Back to Blackburn College…Raheel visited us earlier this week, this was his first visit and his dad popped in to say hello too. Raheel is currently studying Graphic Design and is required to undertake 30hrs of work placement as part of his course. I am hoping he can utilise some of this time on some projects we currently have ongoing and we can in turn share these with you in the coming weeks!

Keep a look out for what Raheel gets up to and if you have any other ideas about how else we can give back, please drop us an email.


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