The Top 6 Golden Rules to Self-Promo Effectively

As communications become increasingly complex, the art of self-promo has also evolved. Prior to this decade, a well-crafted piece of promo sent to prospective employers served as the primary technique for capturing attention. However, these days anything can be converted into a profile-building material. This can range from an obscure self-initiated project to a tweet weighing in on the latest topic.

Self-Promo Rule 1: Know your audience

Know your audience As Ian Anderson, founder of the Designers Republic, expresses “always think about your audience. If the self-promo is presented as an exhibition, then who do you want to come, and what do you want to say to these people? If it’s a piece of self-promo in which it’s sent to potential employers or clients, then what is it that these people want to see?” If you can answer the questions above, then you are on the right track.

Self-Promo Rule 2: Mention your results

When you complete a project successfully, don’t wait for that annual performance review to be acknowledged for it, send your manager a brief email outlining the result. Perhaps you led a team that completed a big project on time and 10% under budget. Many people fear that they’ll seem like they’re bragging or self-praising. But remember that self-promotion isn’t actually about you. It’s about the impact of your work, and that’s not something you want to conceal.

Self-Promo Rule 3: Be present

A renowned designer advises, “Be present at Industry events, social gatherings and online hangouts.” He mentions that he’s gained clients just by talking to people and some had never heard of him before, however this is where having a decent online portfolio comes in handy. Handing out “creative” and “unique” business cards will assist you to stand out from the crowd, make sure to “whack” the URL on the cards with your details to build up your clientele.

Self-Promo Rule 4: Be an industry expert!

You should also seek to be visible outside of your firm. A social media presence helps employers and clients perceive you as a person. Be strategic on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and use those platforms to communicate about what you want to be known for. Beyond the virtual world, you can also promote yourself as an expert by writing or speaking about your area of expertise. Industry publications and websites often always need more contributors, propose a topic or submit an article to help get your name out into the industry. (We’re happy to share articles on our site, email us!)

Self-Promo Rule 5: Create something of value

If you’re going to invest your time and energy into something that you want to represent your work, then create something of value. But what does this actually mean? Putting something out that’s too good to throw away is when you know you’ve won. We’re always bombarded with promotional junk, which is usually neglected and paid minimal attention to. This will ensure as many people as possible acknowledge you and your work.

Last but not least; have fun!

Never attempt to go out of your way to create something that will get you exposure. Your more than likely going to overthink it and it won’t work. Creating something while enjoying the process and putting it online without extensive marketing is most important in letting your brand naturally expand. However, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t promote your work. But rather letting others appreciate your work without forcing them to.

The secret to good self-promo is to not make it about promoting yourself. As much as literally everything you do is a piece of promotion. Spending time exploring your interests and crafting to the most rigorous level will inevitably lead your work to the people that need to see it. Having said that, we still understand that it’s a tough and competitive market. But brilliant ideas executed with craft and passion will always rise to the surface. Whether its useful, shareable or something so mesmerising that the recipient cannot bear to throw away. A carefully considered and prepared piece of self-promo is an investment that can pay off time and time again.

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