Here at Waterside Creative, we have had one of our most exciting years but I’m not going to lie, it was also a very very painful one!

We became quite settled in our one room (don’t get me wrong, it was one massive room) office but early last year I got thinking that in order to grow the agency, we needed more rooms/space. So, when the opportunity came up to move to a stand alone building within the same business park, I was sold. It had everything I was after! I could have a meeting room, a “stock” (hoarder – this is what my wife calls me) room, the design studio and a photography studio, its own kitchen, and toilet too, what else could I possibly need?! This would be a third move for Waterside Creative but it was a natural progression for us. Being in our own building means, we will be much more accessible to our clients and it will allow us to provide the personal service we have become known for.

Well, that dream started 52 weeks (probably more to be honest) ago, meaning Waterside Creative was meant to have moved to its new premises in September 2019. You can probably tell from the tone of this blog, it wasn’t as easy as that. The building needed a lot of work doing to it and so the work began to make it more aesthetically pleasing to how we wanted it and then, as with all building work, it came to an abrupt halt. That halt lasted a full 10 months before it restarted again. And every month, my wife (without fail) would ask me the same question, “I thought you were moving” and I would give her the same deflated reply “I don’t know what’s happening”. But, alas we are in, as of 1st October 2020, the deco isn’t quite finished and we need to have a clear out (really should’ve done this before the move) but it has made my year!

As I sit here today (on a Sunday), I am excited for what this new move will bring (“cringe” as my teenager would say). Yes, it was a painful and long battle but the end result, more than made up for it and as I sit here today (whilst I can hear the girls arguing in the background about having nothing to do), it makes me more grateful and appreciative to be here, knowing how long it took me to get here.

Next thing to tackle is the damn heating in this place…

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